Bike Creche are the proud providers of the largest indoor Cycle Jumble in the world, located at the inspiring and prestigious National Cycling Centre.

This large-scale event is organised by Paul Wilson and attracts over 1500 people all looking for their next bargain and specialist advice.

This is a superb event that provides the opportunity for a variety of cycling enthusiasts and experts to sell old and new cycle bits, parts and spares.

Bike Creche Cycle Jumble is a family friendly environment with parking and refreshments on site.

As a visitor you can easily see and explore all that is available, you can closely examine and match items of interest whilst seeking advice from the friendly sellers who are always more than happy to help.

You will experience a laid back and relaxed atmosphere, there is no rushing, no frustration, just people looking to help you find your next bargain and ensure you leave happy and satisfied with how you have spent your afternoon.

Finally, due to the magnificent location of the Bike Creche Cycle Jumble, you might just get to experience an Olympic medal winner in training on the track – a nice touch to a great day out for everybody.